‘Vice’ film review

We went to the cinema this weekend and we are all still talking about the film that we saw – the new film, Vice. Vice is the new biopic of Dick Cheney – you know, the ‘second president’ behind George W Bush; the guy who was quietly running the country whilst Bush worried about the “Ayrabs” in the Middle East – and it’s a real piece of cinematic brilliance.

The point, amongst others, that the film makes is that this guy, this very un-stupid and un-imbecilic guy was the sane and sharp mind behind G.W Bush when Bush was in office. Never has the phrase ‘brains of the operation’ held more truth than here, and although I was aware of some of Cheney’s influence over proceedings in the Bush White House, I never realised the full extent until now, having seen the film.

Bale is at his sumptuous, ever-convincing best as Cheney, and I have a sneaky suspicion that the Oscar bells may just be ringing for him come February time. Bale’s performance speaks for itself, and anyone who knows anything about Christian Bale will know that he doesn’t take on roles lightly. The fact that he put on nearly 40 pounds for this role is very much in fitting with his personal take on ‘method acting’.

Bale’s swashbuckling performance, combined with the fact that Adam McKay (the guy behind Anchorman, Step Brothers, the Big Short: to name but a few) was at the helm, means that surely some sort of official recognition is forthcoming for Vice. One would have thought, no?

I’ll tell you what? You watch it and then come back to me on that one…


As well as a swansong from Bale, there are also great performances from Amy Adams who is sensational as Cheney’s ‘better half’. Even Steve Carrel gets in on the action too, but Sam Rockwell’s portrayal of George W. Bush is almost faultless. Just tell me – how on earth was that man president? It seems hard to believe, I know.

But then there was Trump…

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