China brazenly quashes freedoms while the world watches on acceptingly

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One of the sinister images that has surfaced of the reality in a Uyghur internment camp (in unfortunately low quality)

The more stories I see about this the more shocked I am into writing something about it. Not that my word holds a lot of worth just yet, but the way I see it; the more people that know about what is happening in China the better. The more people that know about the scandalous human rights abuses occurring on a daily basis in China’s Xinjiang province, the more likely it is that the world might be able to pressure China into stopping and changing how they do things.

And so the plight of the Uyghurs continues…

The ‘Uyghurs’, or Uyghur people, are a minority-ethnic group originating from Central Eastern China. The original inhabitants, according to their historians, of the Xinjiang province in north western China, the ‘Uyghurs’ have waged a fight for recognition since time immemorial.

Despite the geography suggesting so, and despite the Uyghur’s ability to trace their lineage back to the territory that makes up modern-day China, the Chinese government in Beijing has long refused to recognise their claims to existence.

The Chinese maintain that the Uyghurs were originally Tibetan, and vice versa, and for years the Uyghurs have found themselves smack bang in the middle of a diplomatic quarrel. This is a fight over the Uyghurs’ right to exist, and whether they are Chinese citizens, deserving of civil rights. And the answer emanating from China – never in a more sinister vein than today, is a round |”no, they are not”. What we have witnessed, instead, is a blatant refusal by the Chinese state to recognise that these human beings have a claim to any rights at all.

Never has the Uyghur cause been more desperate than it is today, with the surfacing of a video that shows the current goings on in Xinjiang. Although we assume that such flagrant civil rights abuses are a thing of the past; first the rumours – and now the video proof – show exactly what Chinese State is up to.

The subject of consternation and horror, the video shines a horrifically bright light upon the occurrences in Xinjiang; and upon the true nature of the shocking treatment the Chinese State is handing out to its own people. The video was taken in one of these infamous internment camps, and it is hard to believe that this is a reality that we are witnessing in 2020. In a more modern, liberal and supposedly ‘accepting’ era than ever before…

Reality in a Uighur ‘re-education camp’; a modern day Auschwitz?

But this is the issue isn’t it? China’s seeming refusal to recognise the contemporary values by which we are all lead our livers. The fact that there are still, in the modern day, interment camps that are holding ‘enemies of the state”. The nauseating thing though, and why we should all be terrified of the Chinese state, is that these are regular people who haven’t committed any crime whatsoever. And yet they are being discriminated against and imprisoned as if they have.

Leaked documents from President Xi Jinping’s personal email account show that the hardline president personally ordered a crackdown on the province, one combining “modern technology with medieval brutality” in order to crush dissent, Ian Birrell says in the i newspaper.

It is terrifying, if we are honest, and clearly the ‘party line’ for every Chinese government official is to deny, deny, deny. In a recent interview, the political pitbull himself Andrew Marr confronts the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, on the footage. What Marr gets in response would struggle to be more fluffy, convoluted and frankly irrelevant. Watch it on YouTube (link below) to see the extent to which every government official, presumably for fear of reprisals, tows this party line.

Andrew Marr seeks answers in vain from Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming. (VIDEO:

So yes, there is something deeply ironic about the whole fiasco… The world is panting through a global pandemic that, if we are honest, finds root in the bizarre Sino obsession with markets trading in live animals. Yes live animals! While the world battles with the “Wuhan Virus” (as some have called Covid-19), China – by virtue of being further down the Pandemic track than the rest of the world – now has the time to turn its attentions on Hong Kong, one of its (FORMERLY) semi-autonomous territories. The onus is very much on the capitalised word, for the last few weeks have brought about a sea change. The ‘special’ status and privilege that Hong Kong used to enjoy since the region was returned to the Chinese in 1999, has been crushed by the iron fist of Beijing, and Hong Kong will never be the same again.

I have probably harped on enough about the new global strongmen, and to finish on a happier note, and to try and show you that it isn’t all doom and gloom – guess who is leading the race to find a vaccine to this invisible killer? And after recent revelations, but a number of tests away from the mass-production stage? Yep the rumours are true – it is indeed our supermen; the brain-boxes at Oxford University.

Indeed that plucky little provincial middle-English city is once again at the foreground of a global brain race.

Boy are we in awe, Oxford University.

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