‘The Last Dance’ review

Anyone who has failed to tune into Netflix’s recent cinematographic feast ‘The Last Dance’ that finished this week needs to take a long, hard, (I’d even go as far as saying) protracted look at themselves and their habits. If you have not been watching, and somehow missed avoided this cultural typhoon, then I feel forContinue reading “‘The Last Dance’ review”

Uni finishes in a fit of Corona-tinged ignominy…

This is what I wrote a couple of days ago, before the proverbial s*** hit the fan… And that, senhores e senhoras, is pretty much that.  Every single one of the 6 years here at the University of Bristol; done just like that, vanished in a fit of Corona-tinged ignominy.   Admittedly these years have beenContinue reading “Uni finishes in a fit of Corona-tinged ignominy…”