The Coronavirus crisis cannot mar Portugal’s remarkable national comeback

Things had looked so promising, initially. They certainly did at first, and for a long time Portugal was a European success story; riding atop a wave of immune success. Somehow, even as the Coronavirus wrought havoc on its Iberian neighbours Spain, Portugal managed to remain relatively unscathed. This was all the more remarkable when, atContinue reading “The Coronavirus crisis cannot mar Portugal’s remarkable national comeback”

China brazenly quashes freedoms while the world watches on acceptingly

The more stories I see about this the more shocked I am into writing something about it. Not that my word holds a lot of worth just yet, but the way I see it; the more people that know about what is happening in China the better. The more people that know about the scandalousContinue reading “China brazenly quashes freedoms while the world watches on acceptingly”

One miracle that ‘Messias’ Bolsonaro definitely couldn’t perform

So there is some justice in this pandemic-stricken world. Never did the notion of ‘tempting fate’ echo more resoundingly than with the news that Coronavirus denier-in-chief, Jair Bolsonaro, has himself succumbed to the very thing he denies. “It’s just a little flu” he has said repeatedly from late February, when the virus first made itselfContinue reading “One miracle that ‘Messias’ Bolsonaro definitely couldn’t perform”

‘The Last Dance’ review

Anyone who has failed to tune into Netflix’s recent cinematographic feast ‘The Last Dance’ that finished this week needs to take a long, hard, (I’d even go as far as saying) protracted look at themselves and their habits. If you have not been watching, and somehow missed avoided this cultural typhoon, then I feel forContinue reading “‘The Last Dance’ review”

Uni finishes in a fit of Corona-tinged ignominy…

This is what I wrote a couple of days ago, before the proverbial s*** hit the fan… And that, senhores e senhoras, is pretty much that.  Every single one of the 6 years here at the University of Bristol; done just like that, vanished in a fit of Corona-tinged ignominy.   Admittedly these years have beenContinue reading “Uni finishes in a fit of Corona-tinged ignominy…”